ECC Science Unit: Design and Build Birdhouses
Before going on Winter Break, the second graders made sure that the local bird residents on campus had a warm place to stay and plenty of food to eat. The class designed and built birdhouses as a culminating activity for their "Materials and Matter" science unit.
Their design challenge was to create a birdhouse that will keep birds dry and safe during the cold winter season ahead of us. During their outside explorations, the children observed and discussed the effects of the changing seasons on the natural environment of our playgrounds and reflected how this could impact the birds.
They also read non-fiction books to expand their knowledge on birds, and used it to test and select materials for their creation. Working in teams, the children shared their design ideas and created a final piece. By sharing their creations, the second grade community came together.
Then, they stepped outside to select trees around the Nature Area playground to hang their birdhouse along with seed nets.
“They are excited to see how their birdhouses hold up during the long winter break; and hope we can discover birds using our birdhouses in January!” - Ellen, ASH Second Grade Teacher.
“The birds in the winter need somewhere to stay and get food when it’s cold. It’s more difficult to find it because the ground gets so hard. I notice in the sand area it is all frozen and it is super hard to dig in it. They need somewhere to stay and get their food from!” - Oskar, Second Grade.
“The problem we are trying to solve is that winter is coming so the birds don't have a place to live and keep shelter. It’s good we are building these birdhouses to help the birds and keep them safe and warm. It's fun!” --Mekhi, Second Grade.