Dividing Fractions to Bake Cookies

Grade 7 students, in their quest to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving the four operations with rational numbers, have rewritten a chocolate chip cookie recipe for a given number of servings and put their computations to the test in the home economics room. 

“After baking, students then evaluated how closely their adjusted recipe mirrored the original recipe. This reinforced the importance of accuracy and precision in their mathematical calculations, as one small mistake can ruin a recipe.” - Ms. Nadine, teacher

“We learned about fractions - adding and dividing them, multiplying them using mixed and negative numbers and all of that. We used that recipe to make the cookies and if we messed the calculation up, the cookies would go bad. Our cookies are the best, though! Our recipe worked well.” - Katherine, student

“My favorite part was actually making the cookies. It is a lot more fun to apply this concept into a real-world situation rather than just having a test. It helps you understand more, and we work together.” - Annabel, student