Constructing Communities and Finding Solutions

Our Grade 2 students worked together to build a Community Design display. As part of their Social Studies curriculum, they worked in teams to construct a 3D community. Besides considering the important parts of their design, they also discussed problems facing communities and incorporated possible solutions into their creations. 

"I felt challenged at first but then my group agreed and my favorite part was working on the water robot. I chose this problem because there are already a lot of places that are very dirty, so I wanted to save animals that drink water." - Owen, student

“I liked it because you could be creative. We had to work together and we had to find solutions to problems. We didn't have a dam, so that was one of the things we made.” - Clara, student

"I felt worried in the beginning because there were so many ideas but in the end it felt good because we made progress. I wanted green space because I like planting with my dad and I was thinking it could be fun to do this." - Eve, student