Community Connections

At ASH, we collaborate and build connections to further strengthen our learning and community bonds. We invited our neighbors to dream with us about the future #ASHexperience including our new Deylerhoeve campus. They toured our three campuses and visited our Dreamer's Log Art Exhibit which is a curation of our community's dreams translated into art. 

Our vision is to further transform the Deylerhoeve’s natural environment into an oasis of tranquility and inquiry supporting experiential learning and community enjoyment. By enriching the campus with landscape elements that fit into the cultural history of the Horst zone, we aim to create an attractive ecology for flora and fauna, thus increasing the biodiversity and ecological value and enriching the spatial experience.

Our recent addition of the Deylerhoeve to our ASH campus footprint has further established us as a community member that values learning from, collaborating with and supporting our neighbors, surrounding community and natural environment. 

My school has lots of nature and a family area to grow vegetables and the kids love it. It has a big playground and grass. - Daan, student

My dream school has a really big slide and a zipline. It has a really colorful building. There is a little garden with fruits and vegetables. - Julianna, student

My school is all about protecting nature. It has two green houses, it also has a treehouse, plants on the building, a playground inside for rainy days. A telescope in the science room and a swimming pool. - Rory, student