CLUE: Putting 'comedy' in Murder Mystery
Incessantly rainy, dark and windy, the evening was perfect for the ASH High School play. Clue, inspired by the globally loved board game and film, is a comedy murder-mystery play where six guests with peculiar personalities get invited to an unusual dinner party by a…dead host.
Clue was performed by thirteen talented students and directed by high school teacher Anthony. Backstage, more students took part in working the cameras, sound, and live music making the play come to life, even if ironically, dead bodies kept appearing left and right. Each of the characters have tremendously different, chaotic and special personalities which the students learned to develop over months of practice.
They created different accents, and even worked on perfecting their gaze and posture to portray these personas as much as possible. On the ASH Performing Art Instagram, you can get a closer look at the making-of and behind the scenes footage building up to the final show. As the audience walked in, the stage lit up in synchrony to thunder and lightning sounds; setting the mood perfectly to watch the show. The props, make-up, costumes and stage set were all coordinated by students, showing their excellent dedication and commitment to producing such an awaited performance for our community.
Throughout the play, the audience exploded with laughter. The actors’ timing and impersonations were on point, and every scene change was an opportunity to see yet another side of our students’ creativity and wit. After the play, the theater and main hall was buzzing with excitement: “How did they do that? They were incredible at memorizing all the lines and in the sharpness of dialogue. I loved it.” - Joost, audience member.
Congratulations, ASH Performing Arts!
Wadsworth - Dylan
Miss Scarlet - Sophia
Mrs. Peacock - Lia
Mr. Green - Avery
Mrs. White - Ily
Colonel Mustard - Elise
Professor Plum - Alon
Cook, telegram girl and backup cop - Courtney
Unexpected Cop, Backup Cop & Auxiliary Mustard - Benoit
Yvette - Eva
Mr. Boddy, Motorist and Chief of Police - Daniel
Jisoo - Pianist
Stage Managers - Adele, Hannah and Diana
Understudy and stage crew - Ali & Kaitlyn
Costumes crew - Mohammed & Noor Stage crew - Michelle, Prachi, Laila & Juliette
Lighting crew - Emilia, Maria & Hailey
Props crew - Anneke & Avantika
Sound Manager - Alessia
Makeup & Hair - Roos, Arianna & Claire
“My favorite thing about playing Scarlet is taking on a new persona that’s a lot meaner that I would usually be.” - Sophia, 12 Grade.
“I wanted to join because I love acting and I love the group” Daniel, 10 Grade
"Mrs. Peacock is extremely energetic. There’s different sides to her, so exploring that is really fun. The audition process was really fun, but also the first read-through. Getting to know everybody and seeing how they all played the characters and seeing how different they were from other interpretations I’ve seen was really interesting” - Lia, 11 Grade.