Class of 2023 Graduation
Although this happens every year, graduations are never the same. Graduation isn’t something only students themselves look forward to. For parents and teachers who witnessed them grow into young adults and took part in preparing them on the exciting journey ahead of them, graduation is a moment of utmost pride and emotion.
This years’ graduating class consisted of 127 students from 43 different nationalities. At the ceremony, student speakers shared candid reflections of their years in high school including challenging times such as the pandemic, all through memories they’ll look back on fondly; like “awkward small talks with the school principal” and sharing last-minute notes before an exam.
The teachers surprised the class of graduates with a compilation of videos wishing them well on new adventures. They let their creativity loose by dancing to trending TikTok songs, rapping Bad Bunny songs, and even breaking into a full Broadway musical piece. At the end of the ceremony, graduates, friends and family found each other in the cafeteria, which was waiting for them with drinks and snacks to celebrate. Some tears were shed; tears of joy that is.
Congratulations, Class of 2023! We already look forward to welcoming you again as alumni.

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