Class of 2012 Reunite!
From the moment the alumni stepped onto the ASH campus, it was evident that the Class of 2012 ten year reunion would be an unforgettable experience. Teachers and staff passing by would stop in their tracks to say hello and share a hug with the alumni arriving in the main reception. The alumni themselves would cheer with laughter at seeing their peers and old friends come through the entrance. The joyful chatter that emerged in the time of their arrival was just the beginning of the fun they had planned for that afternoon and evening.
The group of alumni took a walk down memory lane, visiting the sports hall (that had been remodelled since their ASH graduation and 5 year reunion) and High School library. They had to dig deep in their memory banks and knowledge of each other to play the game “Who Said What?”, a puzzle to match the 10 year predictions of themselves that were part of their senior yearbook spread. To their own amazement, they got nearly all the questions right, showing just how their friendships have stood the test of time.
Their time at ASH wrapped up with a small reception, with current and alumni staff coming by to celebrate. Everyone took a moment to pay tribute to their classmate Doug who passed away last year. They shared special memories of friendship that they had with him while at ASH and in the years that followed, raising a glass together in honor of his memory. Time flew by and upon their departure, to continue the evening of celebration, there were smiles and hugs, farewells and “tot ziens”, and the feeling these alumni will stay connected with each other and with ASH for many years to come. See you for your 15 year reunion, Class of 2012!
“The reunion was a really special event for all of us, a weekend to remember! It felt like no time had passed and while we all grew into adulthood, the reunion reminded us that we still have such a strong connection and a shared experience that will stay with us for life.” - Shani, Class of 2012 alumni
“This class of 2012 was an exceptional group of students and I will always keep fond memories of teaching and coaching them. The reunion turned back the clock and had me reminiscing to so many happy moments. It was so much fun to see them all grown up and hearing about their adult life.”- Patrick, current ASH Teacher
“Organizing this reunion was a most definite pleasure. The fact that so many classmates turned up to rejoice and reconnect symbolizes the friendship within our year, which I found humbling and also uplifting. New memories and revitalized friendships that are now further food for the soul!” - Gustaaf, class organizer and ambassador
"Although this was the ASH Senior Class of 2012 reunion, it was also for me the Eighth Grade Class of 2008 reunion(my last year after teaching 30 years in 8th Grade). It amazed me that after 14 years apart, we still remembered and laughed about common experiences in class and Project Switzerland. Kudos to Gustaaf for keeping us connected.” - Bill, ASH staff alum
“It was absolutely incredible to see this special class once again. To have them together again, walking the halls of ASH, reliving memories, laughing together- it was priceless. They are such a special group of people that share this common bond, and it looks as if they will be a special part of each other's lives for a lifetime. I felt so fortunate to see them all again. It was a fantastic afternoon together, and it brought back so many fantastic memories. What a special group of people who make such an effort to stay connected. It warmed my heart!” - Kim, current ASH teacher

"Coming back to ASH, to familiar places and faces is like returning to part of an old life. Almost as if all those memories are frozen in time and once you open the door everything is as you left it. It is as if we are puzzle pieces that fall into place right away. Perhaps that credit goes to our amazing class. We just settle into each others company, maybe even more so than when we were young. " - Julie, Class of 2012

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