Bernie's Tips, June 5-7

As of Saturday, June 6, we welcome the new alumni to ASH. Dear (former) Seniors: What a year! Nothing and nobody could have prepared you and your family for a Senior year like this. The ASH staff and the community are proud of you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Don't be a stranger to ASH - you are always welcome!

The middle and high school students and staff returned to ASH this week. I hope many smiling faces encountered each other. It must feel good to be together again, even with social distancing.

We are all slowly trying to adjust to our "new normal": keeping social distance, wearing face masks in public transportation, and making reservations at our favorite restaurants, museums, and all other activities that we enjoy doing. In the next two weeks, I'll share with you some ideas in case you are (unexpectedly) staying and vacationing in this beautiful country. By June 15, I hope to give you some more information regarding the opening of Europe's borders.

But in the mean time, let me get your potential "wish list" started. For the younger kids amongst us the Linnaeushof is a great place to visit. This is Europe's largest outdoor playground, just a 30-minute drive from ASH. 

A visit to Rotterdam means a visit to the harbor. Spido has started its harbor cruises again. The size of the Rotterdam harbor will never seize to amaze you.

And a perhaps a great idea for the new alumni: Book a reservation at the Amsterdam Look-Out! Another great visit is This is Holland. We're all slowly forgetting what flying feels like, so why not book your ticket to "fly" over this fantastic country - without long check-in lines or hauling luggage?!

All the above-mentioned sights have re-opened, and hopefully will remain so throughout the year. But all now require prior reservations, so visit the websites to book your tickets. And like I said: many more tips coming soon!

Enjoy the 2020 graduation this weekend. Seniors (and parents!), please celebrate your achievements! And to all of you: Stay safe and be well.