Bernie's "Stay at Home" Tips, Friday, March 27 - Sunday, March 29
Before I even attempt to write down some weekend ideas, I would like to start with a huge "shout-out" to all staff, students and parents for their hard work in supporting virtual learning. What a first week of VLE! We're all using acronyms we didn't even knew existed! You are all fantastic.
Being in a different country I see how many schools are struggling with this new reality, bravo ASH for continuing on, as always! So many of us are finding new ways of communication, learning, living together- I mean really living together in one house, not going to work, school or leaving for a business trip. But also, like in our own family, away from loved ones. As many of you know my husband Jim, is in the Netherlands, our youngest daughter Michelle is in lockdown in Norway, and my oldest daughter Stephanie and I are in Rochester, Minnesota. Between teaching online, Jim is delivering the groceries to my mom (96) who is in lockdown in an assisted living center in Amsterdam. Like so many of you, we're far away but closely connected.
A very important change will take place this weekend in the Netherlands. On Sunday, March 29 at 2:00AM we switch to daylight savings time. Springing forward, we lose one hour of sleep but gain an extra hour of daylight in the evening! Be sure to remember this when you wake up on Sunday bright and early.
So, how to create downtime as a family (after you've seen all the Disney movies)? I have never been happier with the virtual world. If you haven't found it yet, the Dutch museums (as most of the museums in the world) have put their collection online. Check out this ASH article that collects together some interesting virtual museum tours that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa! My favorite is from the Rijksstudio, from the Rijksmuseum, and my favorite piece of this week is "The Jewish Bride", by Rembrandt; observe the circle in which these two people find and protect themselves, see the intimacy (seldom shown in those days). We're not even "invited" in the painting, no one even looks at us. Look at the colors, the material of the outfits. Ask your younger child to name the colors, your older ones to describe the feeling....there are so many possibilities to enjoy art for all ages! Draw, cut, make a collage; take inspiration from this art and make your own! Enjoy one museum per week, maybe next week visit our famous van Gogh museum?
You do not have to be an IB music student to enjoy the Concertgebouw orchestra. They have a list of virtual concerts online, enjoy this wonderful, world renowned orchestra! And did you know that the New York Public Library is offering access to their entire E-Book collection for free? Thus if you can’t find it in our own extensive ASH online libraries, be sure to explore their collection of digital literature. I would also like to include (from CNN Style) the following link, Virtual culture, all the concerts, museums, plays and other culture -even a visit to the zoo- you can enjoy from home.
Next time, I'll try to bring you some more virtual visits. For now all I can say is stay healthy and wise. Explain to your teens that "social distancing" is so needed, to your younger ones that playdates are still possible but with restrictions. shares the latest updates in the Netherlands with you in English.
From a distance yet close-by,