ASHvoices: Jun

Meet Jun, ASH student since 2020
“When I came to ASH in first grade I didn’t know how to read and speak English. My teachers helped me to learn English, and how to read and write. I made many best friends.”

What does the #ASHexperience mean to you?
“To make new friends, and see them every day. We play a lot on the soccer field, and we chat. And when I was in my country I thought just like that, but when I came here I learned many new things. And the teacher helps me, and things are better when I come to ASH.”

About Learning Well, Doing Well
“I like every teacher! They teach us, and they are friendly and nice. I think that is very important. When teachers are not nice, the classmates will not be nice either. But because all the teachers are nice, we are also nice to the teachers and each other. Everyone will be happy, friendly and everything will be good. One day when I was playing baseball my teacher said I am good at that. That was nice of him, and I was happy.”

We have a diverse community of students, staff, and families from around the world. Each member of our community brings their own background and story that enrich the ASH experience.



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We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.