ASH's Earth Week Journey Towards a Greener Future
During this past Earth Week, ASH dove even deeper into green and sustainable initiatives that aimed to raise awareness and engage our community into acting and thinking with a better future in mind.
Earth Week began with an assembly that gathered the school together. Two Middle School students, Quin and Karolina, hosted the assembly, where students from different grades expressed what sustainability means to them. Eighth-grader Sam emphasized the importance of mindful consumption for the well-being of future generations and the environment, saying “We have to start consciously changing our decisions today, and the rest will become the result of a ripple effect.” Middle School has a thriving Sustainability Club; constantly working on new ideas and actions to implement around the school, as well as learning on different topics surrounding our environmental challenges.
United States Ambassador Shefali Razdan Duggal was a special guest who shared an impactful speech to our community. She spoke about kindness, collective action, and stewardship towards our planet. A performance of Cair Nishimura’s “Chasing Sunlight” by the High School band was accompanied by a moving, original poem by High School student Nalu that conveyed the urgency of our responsibility to nurture our planet.“If we could only stir away our bad habits, and replace them with love,” she shared. Throughout the week, students across all grades embraced collaborative efforts with nature, aligned with this year's Earth Week theme of "Planet vs Plastics." Activities and discussions extended beyond the school, sparking reflections on fast fashion, single-use plastic, and the imperative of reducing consumption.
At the Early Childhood Center, Elementary Science and Technology Phil Rynearson showed our youngest students the amount of life that a single seed contains by planting sunflower seeds and making seed bombs to boost biodiversity for pollinating insects. At the Upper Elementary, students provided their peers with weekly tips on small changes that could make a big difference, like recycling, separating trash, and washing clothes in cold water.
Both Elementary and Middle School students engaged in picking up trash around the school grounds and planting more plants and flowers in beds around the playground to not only make our spaces greener, but also provide a home for important creatures like butterflies, bees, and worms. Anna Ryenerson, daughter of Phil Ryenerson now working at international advisory firm Climate Focus, met the Middle School students to talk about her work as a consultant. In High School, students were encouraged to take part in initiatives like the National Bee Counting Day, to research Tiny Forests, and to connect with local initiatives like Land Van Ons.
Earth Week showcased a collective effort towards a greener future, with students and staff uniting across various activities and discussions. From assemblies to hands-on projects, the week underscored ASH's ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship. Beyond Earth Week, this commitment remains integral to ASH's educational mission, ensuring sustainability is not just a week-long event but a lifelong pursuit.
“One person doing the right thing won’t change anything alone but they might lead something that will change the world.” - Matthew, Grade 5