ASH70: Troy the Trojan
We all know Troy the Trojan - our energetic mascot who pumps up our athletes and members of our community. But did you know that the name Troy was revealed in 2019 as part of our 65th school anniversary? The name was chosen by the ASH Community and “Troy the Trojan” made its grand reveal during the 2019 March ISST Tournament.
Before that, our mascot was just known as The Trojan, popping up in high school yearbooks as early as 1967. An alumni’s memory suggests that the cover of the 1982 High School yearbook seems to have marked a big debut of the logo we know today. Nowadays, Troy is the face of our Trojan Athletics teams showing up on their uniforms, and in person in games and school-wide events.
“From what I recall, that [yearbook] cover came about because we were hard-pressed to meet the publisher's deadline. The contents of the yearbook had been set, but no one had come up with a cover design. Finally, Ms. Bartholf, the yearbook advisor, suggested placing the Trojan on the cover, and that became that.” - Alex, Class of 1983