ASH70 - Disney Throwback
Did you know that the ASH music program trip to Disneyland Paris started nearly 30 years ago? Back then the Disney trip was in the fall, acting as a catalyst for our students to come together as a band for their first official performance in the Disneyland Paris park. There aren’t so many photos from that time, as former music teacher and program founder Jim explains:
“This photo was taken on the first-ever Disney trip in 1994. It is not of very good quality, remember, we were never allowed to take photos backstage. Pictured is myself and another ASH teacher Richard, standing beside the placard advertising the concert. The placard says something along the lines of…Disney Magic Music Days proudly welcomes the American School of The Hague Jazz Band. This was taken in front of the concert venue, Videopolis.”
It's both magical and monumental that this musical collaboration has lasted almost 3 decades between ASH and Disneyland Paris. Over that time, thousands of ASH students benefited from the knowledge and experience of professional musicians they worked with during their workshops on location.
Click here to read more about the history of this program, and the 25th anniversary celebration honoring founders Jim (ASH) and Sue (Disneyland Paris).