ASH Voices: Tom, ASH student to ASH PE Sub-teacher
In this article series, we will introduce you to some of the ASH students who came back to work at ASH. To kick off, meet Tom, Class of 2019, who is teaching grade 5 and 8 PE for a short term cover. Tom graduated from ASH in 2019 and recently completed his undergraduate degree at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. His return to ASH to teach was not part of his original plan, but has significantly changed the path that he sees for his own future.
How has it been for you to teach at ASH over the past few months?
It's been great to be back in general, great to come back to a working environment that you have seen on one side, from the student perspective, now seeing the teaching perspective has been really really nice. Biking to work every morning brings me back to biking to school every morning: it's very comforting coming back to a place you know so well.
How did you find yourself applying to the short term PE position?
I first found my way back here as Middle School needed some extra supervisors for Project Week, and then I put my name on the substitute teacher list. I really have enjoyed being a teacher: I have a strong passion for sport, having played multiple sports during my time at ASH and I'm happy being able to teach that and give kids the opportunity to develop that same passion as well.
How has your time working at ASH shaped your next career steps?
Very drastically. I was planning on doing my masters in journalism and now I'm planning on taking a full U turn to pursue teaching instead! And I want to teach PE, which is just down to me being here at ASH for the last few months.
What are some of the stand-out moments in your ASH experience?
As a student: most certainly senior year, winning the color house competition, and of course graduation. As a teacher: the first major time I saw teachers that taught me was when I subbed in a class and then we had a fire drill. When we exited for the drill, I went out with the class and saw teachers left and right. I then remembered having been told to be quiet during the drill (as a student), and it was a full circle moment. I was on the other side of it now, watching kids play rock paper scissors while they waited for the drill to be over! I also saw a hoodie from my senior year on a current student, and did a double take to see which younger sibling it was of the people that I graduated with. Some of the siblings were toddlers when I was middle and high school!
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