ASH Unites at the International Festival
Since the 1991-1992 school year, ASH has proudly upheld its rich tradition of multiculturalism, commemorated annually through the vibrant International Festival. This year, under the resonant theme "My Home, My Earth," we united with our diverse community, representing 74 nationalities, to celebrate our collective responsibility for the health of the planet.
The International Festival has been celebrated for over 30 years by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and continues to be a moment for connection and bonding with current and former members of the community. Organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and passionate groups like the Middle School Sustainability Club and Sustainable Development Goal Trips conveyed poignant messages of environmental responsibility. The presence of the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity dedicated to support research against childhood cancers, served as a powerful reminder of our potential for collective impact. Four country tables – China, Brazil, Isle of Man and Colombia – also offered presentations on sustainability. As ASH celebrates its 70th year, sustainability and social cohesion are important points to place at the center of our efforts, guiding us as we equip students for the challenges of tomorrow.
Picture the Sports Hall with over 30 countries represented in delicious national delicacies, drinks and games, a multitude of people dressed in the traditional clothing of their countries, student performances and different languages being spoken at every corner. From Brazilian brigadeiros and Dutch cheese to Spanish tortilla, Indian curry, and Canadian maple goodies, the festival continues to be a cherished celebration and testament of unity for everyone at ASH.