Grade Five Students Put Visible Thinking Routine on Display in VLE
Transitioning to the virtual learning environment has paved the way for a new kind of creativity and ways of learning for everyone in our ASH community. An example of this comes from our grade five students through their reflections on one of their service learning projects. Their latest unit has focused on environmental systems, which they commenced whilst on campus and have continued learning about in our VLE. Science teacher Mr. Davison shared how they conducted these reflections by implementing the visible thinking routine format designed by Harvard’s Ron Ritchhart and implemented by Language Arts teacher, Ms. Noble. We were lucky to welcome Ron to ASH at the beginning of our school year, so it’s great to see the impact he has had on our ASH learning!
Using this reflection format, students are asked to consider what they used to think about the subject matter, what they think now, the best thing about the unit, the challenge they found in the unit and then feedback on the unit for their teacher. It is an interesting way to understand where students’ thinking was prior to their learning ensued on the unit and encourages their independent evaluation on their learning. Mr Davison reflects, “... the general theme that comes through from our grade five students about their environmental unit is that they understand some of the issues that we face, that they care about our environment and they are willing to undertake action to tackle these challenges.”
To showcase our grade five students’ hard work, view here a few examples of their domino models highlighting the deforestation and endangerment of seahorses, and greenhouse effects and climate change. Thanks goes to Ms. Noble, Mr. Davison and our grade five students for their diligent VLE work!


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