ARTSCAPADE: ASH Explores Artistic Expression 
At our recent ARTScapade, imagination knew no limits. ARTScapade is a vibrant celebration of artistic expression; an opportunity for students and other members of our community to dive into a world of colors, textures, and melodies. From the stroke of a paintbrush to the rhythm of a dance, to the precision of sewing, ARTScapade invites participants to explore the vast landscape of artistry through an array of workshops and classes led by our own talented teachers, staff, alumni and guests. 
Our youngest students at the Early Childhood Center and in Upper Elementary got their first taste of ARTScapade with singing, body percussion, World Music workshops, and a musical petting zoo - where they had the opportunity to discover and play all kinds of different instruments that currently live on campus. 
The opening ceremony set the tone for the rest of the day. Performances from our band and strings ensemble, choir and student singers, piano and singing from our own teachers, and a monologue from our upcoming High School play ‘The Trials’ come together to celebrate the ARTScapade that would be remembered as “the one when ASH turned 70”. 
Art exhibitions decorated the halls with student creations that emerged from a wide range of classes - from art class, to product design and manufacturing. Artistic expression was taken a step further into technology and science with sessions that delved into Pixel Art and the possibilities of 3D applications using the Blender software tool. Some made fabric talk with sewn-on letters and cross-stitching techniques and others welcomed the challenge of characterization with a workshop about the objects that sprinkle magic to theater: costumes, props, and lights. Participants embraced spontaneity in improvisation, honed vocal techniques, explored diverse musical genres, and the language of movement. Even Dutch singer song-writer Yori Swart performed in the theater too! Students largely immersed themselves in performance arts workshops exploring improvisation, vocal mastery, singing, and rhythmic dance layers. 
“It’s been such a great day. I was watching in the Musical Theatre workshop - the collaboration between younger and older students is just so wonderful to see.” - Michelle, Elementary School Principal
This year’s Artscapade celebrated the boundless potential of creativity and collaboration. Everything that is understood by was captured in a single event; it gave the perfect opportunity to explore new ideas and ways of being creative, and allowed everyone who participated to discover the magic of delving into the unknown. Having closed the day with a talent show, the echoes of laughter, music, and applause linger in the air.