Apple-picking and cider-making: The World Is Our Classroom

Our pre-kindergarten students visited the local apple orchard Olmenhorst. They learned about the environment and hand-picked some apples. Later, they joined Mr. Tim, Elementary School Principal, and the other ECC students in making apple cider from scratch!

“This trip was an extension of discoveries made daily in outdoor playing areas as well as our school garden. It gave us a shared experience to support our mealtime conversations about the food we eat and where it comes from. It sure did give us a lot to SEE, THINK and WONDER about!” - Ms. Ann, teacher

“I loved weighing the apples because I didn't know which one was the most and it was mine! 1,050!!” - Oliver, student

“The apple was very yucky with a lot of juice because a little something, maybe a chicken or a little mouse, went inside it and ate it and it fell on the ground.” - Sofia, student