An Enriched Learning Experience at Disneyland Paris

What does it mean to communicate effectively in a performance? What is it like to be a real performer on stage? What responsibilities do I have as a performer to other members of my ensemble? How does my attitude as a performer affect what I do with other aspects of my life? What types of personal demands are essential to any performing artist?  These are just some of the questions posed to our students during their exclusive musical workshops at Disneyland Paris. While there, our students learn to perfect their pre-selected musical piece by working backstage with the Disneyland performing arts team staff, who deep dive into the essentials of communicating musically. At the end of the workshops, our students perform their polished piece in the park to an enthusiastic public, which is then critiqued by the Disneyland staff on all they have learned. ASH was the first school to participate in these workshops and helped Disneyland Paris create their framework for their now renowned educational music program. This interview from 2019 gives an insider glimpse into this unique learning experience.