Alumni Traditions: DeWitt Award and Longevity Students
The end of each school year marks the time to honor some of our alumni traditions, such as the presentation of the annual J.F. DeWitt Award and recognizing our longevity students. 
“Tot Ziens” to our 2023 longevity students, a group of students who have been at ASH since their early childhood learning days. Longevity is an exclusive group to be a part of, as not many ASH students can say they have studied at ASH for their entire lives. Our hallways won't be the same without you! Good luck to you all on this next adventure and we hope you will be back soon for a visit down memory lane.

“This year’s DeWitt Award winner is a self-motivated, passionate learner. Even in her SL classes, such as SL Lang and Lit, she is engaged, collaborative, and reflective about feedback. She is a great model of an intrinsically motivated learner who has self-studied her native Mandarin language. She will be going on to study at Cambridge University.” - Courtney, School Director. Congratulations to Sabrina for receiving the DeWitt Award, in honor of former ASH teacher J.F. DeWitt and sponsored by the ASH Alumni Association.

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