Alumni Summer Visits
Each summer, we are delighted to welcome back ASH alumni for a walk down memory lane, as they take their time to visit us during their travels from all over the world. As each of these alumni walked down the hallways and remembered their time at ASH, they each recalled some of their unforgettable experiences and memories as ASH students.
“So nice to see Mr. Dankaert is still teaching here. I will never forget his influences on myself and peers. I still remember him telling us the Starfish Story and “To always throw the Starfish back in the ocean. You’ll continue to make a difference and others will follow. It is also nice to see how much has changed since I graduated. So many new names and faces yet the vibe is still so alive, warm and friendly. I spent many hours on the swim team and was so thrilled to see I still hold the record for 50 Breast Stroke! So many amazing memories in the athletics department for our family.” - Pauline, Class of 2015
“My greatest memories were the many school wide events that continually took place through the year. At the time, I didn’t appreciate them but now I really Iook back at how special those events were! It was such an active school with so many fun things happening all the time and I can really see how that built connections and a strong school community.” - Vanessa, Class of 2015
“My first year at ASH was 1990 when the school was opened and was brand new. Walking through the school today, it still feels brand new! I have the best memories of attending ASH and it was an invaluable experience. My relationships with my classmates still span the globe. Mr Kelly, my High School Chemistry teacher, influenced my decision to do engineering at college." - Tim, Class of 1998
"I was a student when ASH was in the old building, and then moved to the present building when the school opened. Both my sister and I were students at ASH, I was there from 2nd-4th grade and my sister 3rd - 5th grade. I remember my teachers Mrs. Van Der Feltz, Ms. Bunch, and Mr. McClelland, and my sister remembers her teacher Mrs. Penello. We were part of the class that saw Queen Beatrix open the “new” campus, and Lady Bush laying the cornerstone. Those were exciting moments to be a part of as an elementary school kid.” - Cory, Class of 1999 (and sister Kelly, Class of 2000)
“I have wonderful memories of playing sports for ASH, attending the prom at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen and biking to school along Deijlerweg every day, come rain or shine! I moved to The Netherlands from Texas in winter and one of my first PE lessons was ice skating on the canal outside school! My favorite teachers were Mr Mugno (physics), Mr Edwards (math) and Ms Pellerin (health). Another standout memory is the Service Learning trip to Tanzania with Mr Mugno, Ms Erekson and Ms Adamson - that was an incredible experience.” - Alice, Class of 2008
“The friendships built here at ASH have stood the test of time. Traveling with the softball team to Cairo, where we rode camels by the pyramids one day and then played softball the next, traveling to Garmisch in the mountains was wonderful. Mr. Boersma was one of our coaches and his son was our bat boy (aged 4 or 5!). My favorite teacher was Mr Harrington. The trip to Tanzania that I did at the same time as Alice is also a standout memory for me.” - Natalie, Class of 2008
“I remember being a participant in the HS musical South Pacific as one of the young children in the performance. My favorite teacher was Mrs Devine (KG) who organized Teddy Bear Parades down the corridors and had leprechauns visit her classroom leaving green footprints everywhere and making a mess on St Patrick's Day! In 1990 when the Queen came to open and tour the school, I was selected to present her with a gift from the Kindergarten class. It was a necklace made out of licorice and cheeto puffs!!!” - Jillian, Class of 2003
“I joined ASH in Pre Kindergarten and my teacher was Mrs. Pleij. I cried every day and it wasn't until almost the end of the school year that it was found out why. I wanted to be in Mrs Devine's Kindergarten class with my sister, Jillian! It just looked like so much fun, and I wanted to be with her. Once I was told that I could only move to that class next year if I stopped crying in the morning, I promptly stopped and never cried again!!” - Julie, Class of 2004
"Living in the Netherlands opened me up to people, cultures and perspectives. I made friendships all over the world. In 2011 about 30 of our graduating class got together in Chicago and the unique experiences we shared cemented the friendships we have. While at ASH I participated in cheerleading, JV Volleyball and MUN - in my senior year I was the "Chinese Ambassador" and was very proud of my red blazer that I wore! My dream is to have my 2 children attend ASH for Middle and High School.” " - Olga, Class of 2001
We love it when our alumni come back to visit and reflect on their own ASH experiences! If you would like to visit ASH, please fill out our form to schedule your visit.
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