Alumni Share Insights to Life after ASH
Over the past two weeks, our grade 12 students were able to hear our alumni speak about their college, university, gap year and work experiences to give an impression of life after ASH. Some of our alumni came to campus to speak in person, while some dialed from around the world for online sessions. Whether online or in person, the end result was the same - our grade 12’s were able to gain meaningful insights on what they can expect as they move on to their next life adventure. We are thankful that we have such a diverse alumni network who are keen to give back to the school community.
"I'm very interested in finance (and investment banking), and its good to have contact with an alum who knows the field”. James, Grade 12
“It was great to be back at ASH after eight years to share my journey from gap year to medical school, and now as a recently graduated medical doctor with the 12th graders. I hope I inspire everyone to choose something they feel passionate about!” Emma, Class of 2015
“It was a lovely blast from the past to be back at ASH, but also nice to see that a lot has evolved in the past almost decade since my time. It felt like the students were less afraid/stressed in the face of these big changes, and more open to exploring options like staying in the Netherlands which was interesting to see. Hopefully their exams will go well and perhaps I'll see some of them in the first year university psychology/pedagogy courses in the coming years!” Christine, Class of 2015