Latest Alumni Reunions
“It was wonderful seeing everyone again all together. The ASH spirit lives on!” - Victor, former ASH teacher.
It was heartwarming to see the smiling faces of so many former teachers and staff a few weeks ago during the annual local staff alumni lunch. Coined as the “Friends of ASH Retired Teachers Staff (FARTS), It was the first time this group was able to come together since COVID, making this reunion that much more special. ASH is certainly lucky to have such a rich network of staff alumni so close by.

There are many ASH reunions, both small and large, planned and impromptu, taking place all over the world and we would love to hear about them so we can help support and connect our alumni together. For example, the Class of 2013 is having their 10 year reunion in a few weeks time and we have been able to support their plans. We are already discussing with the Class of 2014 for their 10 year reunion during the 2024 school year, and we know the Class of 1975 is planning a 50 year bash in 2025.  Please share your reunion plans, or photos after the event, with us, so we can help make your event even more memorable!

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