Alumni Reminiscing About Their Times at ASH
It was another great few weeks of alumni popping around for visits and to reminisce of their times at ASH.
Alumni from the Class of 2010 Mark and Alex stopped by for an impromptu visit filled with laughter and fun memories from middle and high school years. They were able to say hello to quite a few teachers and staff who were teachers and coaches during their time.
"Considering I had gotten off a plane from Toronto about an hour earlier and hadn't been back in over 8 years, it was pretty special seeing some familiar faces and reminiscing on our high school days. Honestly I don't think my first day on my trip could have started off any better!" Mitch, Class of 2010.
"I'm so glad that music technology is still strong at ASH. Being in that class with (teacher) Gary Cramer was influential on my studies and the foundation of my music tech knowledge. Gary was a legend." Alex, Class of 2010.
Mark, Class of 2001, came by with parents Jeff and Carole to see the hallways and how things have changed since they left. Siblings Peter (‘99), David (‘00), Christine ('05) and Caroline (‘07) weren't able to come along but Jeff and Carole were enthusiastic to recall the family’s time at ASH and even bought some ASH swag for their grandchildren! Mark was equally enthusiastic to find the trophy his Varsity basketball team won as I.S.S.T champions.
“Carole worked at ASH in two different roles: in the athletics department and as a TA in the elementary school. We passed by the classroom to say hi to Alison, who was the teacher she worked with, which was really nice. It was good to see Gera, Pete and Jaqi too. We had a great visit and appreciate the tour very much!” - Jeff, Alumni parent
Class of 1982 alum Tiersa came by for her first visit to the Wassenaar campus, after many years of wanting to stop by. Her mom Jessie was fundamental in the Wassenaar campus construction as a member of the “New Building” committee, not to mention all the events and traditions Jessie had a hand in during her 26 years at ASH. Even though she never attended this campus herself, it was so meaningful to walk down the halls that her mom helped to build and see the community that her mom was a part of for so many years. Flipping through high school yearbooks brought back so many memories of the old campus in The Hague, friends from then and now, and teachers that had an impact on her life.
“It means so much to me that my moms legacy and her memory is very much still alive at ASH.” Tiersa, Class of 1982