A Peek Behind the Curtain of this Year’s High School Musical

This school year has started with a flurry of activity for the more than 90 high school students who are involved with this year’s musical, Freaky Friday. With rehearsals beginning only a few days after the first day of school, the cast and crew have wasted no time preparing for the performances in November and participating in an important part of the #ASHexperience.

The musical tells the story of a mother and her teenage daughter who magically switch bodies, with only one day to work out how to switch back before the mom’s wedding. There are probably many in the ASH community who are familiar with the 2003 film version starring Jamie-Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. The ASH performing arts team is excited that the ASH production will be the premiere of Freaky Friday in the Netherlands.

It’s incredible to see so many of our students involved in the play - not only the 35 actors who we will see on stage in November but everyone else who is helping with the production: the stage crew, the technical team, the set builders, and the band. We spoke with some of the students involved this year, to hear from them about their favorite parts of participating in the musical and after attending the open rehearsal last Thursday we can’t wait for opening night!

How does being in the musical make you feel about your overall #ASHexperience?
“Being in a HS musical at ASH is so wonderful in many ways. You get to join a super talented and supportive group, and it creates a space that allows you to forget about your outside stresses and to simply enjoy singing and dancing with your friends.” - Ella M.

If you had to sum up this year's musical Freaky Friday in one sentence what would it be?
“Lots of sarcasm, stereotypes, and singing all while falling in love with each character.” - Bailey W.

Why did you decide to get involved in the High School Musical?
“It was an opportunity to learn from high schoolers and challenge myself.” - Daniel L.

Keep an eye on The FLASH, InsideASH and announcements around the school for when you can get your tickets to this amazing production.