9/11 Memorial Service

Members of the ASH and local community gathered this evening to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 Each year this ceremony offers a chance for us to remember those who fell, their families and friends who carry their memories on, and to bring stories of courage and compassion to the generations of today. 

ASH community members could lay flowers at the Magnolia Tree all day long, our living memorial that was planted on campus to honor 9/11. Memories and stories from community members and friends of ASH were shared to pay tribute to those who fell on that fateful day. A musical tribute played by an ASH parent and Taps, played by Director Dr. Lowe, provided special moments to reflect and remember. 

"The memorial ceremony is an important part of our identity as an American school, but also part of helping people remember why we must work to make the world a better place," said Director Dr. Lowe. "For people around the world, 9/11 is a crystalizing moment to remember horror, sadness, and loss, but also to remember bravery, unity, and resilience.” -  Dr Lowe, ASH Director

The service is sponsored each year by  the volunteer group OAR (Overseas Americans Remember) in cooperation with ASH and the AWC – the American Women’s Club of the Hague, Democrats Abroad and many community organizations. To read the history of this service at ASH, click here