2000 Worms Support #LearningThatMatters

Our Enrichment and Science teams are working together with grades 2, 3 and 4 on a student-led compost club. They are in charge of the entire process - from designing posters for an awareness campaign to moving their green waste from lunch into the subpods.
Here’s how it works: the 4 subpods (composting containers) at ECC, together with the 4 subpods at the main campus will house 2000 worms that will eat the green waste from lunch thrown in there. Their castings will be used as compost for our garden. This is the first step towards composting our food waste at ASH.

2000 worms

“Students are so excited to be off-screen, getting their hands dirty, and empowering themselves to connect with the environment. They are presented with a real-world problem and they come up with a solution for it. It is much more than just learning content.” - Ms. Patricia, teacher
“Get your hands muddy and come garden with us on Wednesday at lunch time. Help the earth by making a garden. We are making our school more sustainable.” - Isabell, student 

2000 worms #2

“We are growing worms and noticing what they do and eat. If food is not composted, there will be so much trash on the earth and it could be dangerous. For our future, the trash is not going anywhere. It is important for our school to be sustainable.” - Hyunmin, student