THIMUN 2022: Debating, Deciding, Acting

With the theme of “ONE PLANET ONE WORLD: debate, decide, act now”, this year’s The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) conference was held online and twenty nine of our high school students represented Brazil. THIMUN is a worldwide organization and ASH was one of the founding members.

“It's fascinating that we can hear others' ideas about the same topic. Sometimes there are ideas I have never even thought of, or even ideas that are completely different from mine. At first I was struggling to completely understand how to debate, and also how to make resolutions about the statement. However, as I got to observe more practices and also take part in it, I actually am starting to find it really fun!” - Jessica, student

“I wanted to join MUN to be able to improve my skills in problem-solving, public speaking, and research. Joining MUN and participating in THIMUN has given me the opportunity to hone these important lifelong skills.” - Mashaal, student

“My favorite part about the overall conference was meeting students from across the world who are passionate about tackling current global issues and creating long-term sustainable plans that can be implemented by all countries regardless of their economic or financial rank.” - Mashaal, student

“I found the THIMUN conference to be unmatched and invaluable in its ability to unite students behind the real-life application of skills learned both in and out of school. In addition, THIMUN is a forum in which students work collectively behind a cause for the betterment of society, an experience I have found to be rare.” - Lucas, student 


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