Over the 2018-2019 school year, American School of The Hague (ASH) celebrated the milestone achievement of 65 years in inspirational learning; an honor that is seldom seen in international schools. This jubilee was brought to life through a limited edition publication, interactive online landmark map, and special historical exhibition - all outlining the school’s diverse and intriguing story through the themes of Landmarks, Locations, People, Traditions, Identity and Visitors.

The exhibition opened in April 2019, bringing all members of our ASH Community together to explore the history of the school. Alumni, students, staff and parents gathered in the main reception to reflect on the ASH Journey and their own part of the ASH story.

The publication Your Words, Our Story is a visual collection of moments and milestones in the ASH chronicles, filled with alumni quotes, personal anecdotes, historical images and current photography. Framed in the context of “If you could say one thing about ASH, what would you say?", this book captures the story of ASH told through the decades from the 1950’s to the present, through the words and views of our Alumni community. To further enhance the 65-year publication and exhibition, a special landmark map was developed to collect, share and allow interaction with the school's 44 art pieces, landmark objects and historical locations scattered about our campus and former campus locations in The Hague. This map brings the locations of our landmarks to life, helping to tell our intricate and interesting history.
To help connect and create excitement in our current ASH community about the 65th year celebrations, we encouraged engagement through a campus landmark challenge, to take students through an online tour of the map and a real-time hunt on campus.