Two students holding a banner for the environment


At ASH, we learn how to build a better world as we become better human beings. For this, we are guided by our ASH Core Values and learn from and for the world. We embrace everyone's voice, our unique differences and achievements, and service to others. In partnership with the local and global community, we gain an appreciation for unique issues, and gradually develop the skills and attitudes to help identify select social and environmental hurdles that require our attention and support.

Our youngest learners do this by connecting their learning to specific initiatives that address a genuine community need. As they grow older, they take on more responsibility, individually or in group, by planning their own service initiatives and working with community partners on a variety of issues. 



The Hague is the Peace and Justice capital of the world and home to international courts, tribunals and other institutions working to make the world more safe, secure and just for everyone. Our student peace team represents ASH at various public peace and justice events in the area.


Through service learning our students learn about community issues, and delve into and develop the required skills for how they can help address them within and outside of school. We value our home in Wassenaar and enjoy a collaborative partnership with our many neighbors. Through our community service program we further help weave and tighten our already strong community fabric.


Examples of how our students engage with

the local and global community 


Tanzania Global Service Program 

As part of our service learning visit to Tanzania, our team works extremely hard for three days at a primary school in Moshi laying the foundation for two kindergarten classrooms. Additionally, we plant 700 trees at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro through the Jane Goodall Foundation Roots and Shoots Program. We also implement a sports program at DINKA School in Arusha, where ASH is one of the ambassadors of the school, and meet with tribesmen of a local Maasai village. Our program concludes with a visit to Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park to experience the beautiful countryside of Tanzania. A day in the life of our program looks like this!



Thailand Global Service Program 

As part of the Thailand Global Service Program, our group travels to the Unified Learning Center (ULC) in Khuk Khak, Takua Pa (southern Thailand). This center is run by the Foundation for Education and Development (FED) and educates close to 350 Burmese migrant children from nursery aged children (3 years old) up to grade 8, which can be up to age 16-17. 


Nepal Global Service Program 

Our Nepal program has been running since 2016. As part of this program, we spend most of the week at the Shreesanjiwani Primary School where our goal is to help the school develop an interactive and engaging curriculum for the Nepali students. The money we raise from the program throughout the year goes towards supporting the school including a teacher’s salary and school supplies.