Our vision is to further transform the Deylerhoeve’s natural environment into an oasis of tranquility and inquiry supporting experiential learning and community enjoyment. By enriching the campus with landscape elements that fit into the cultural history of the Horst zone, we aim to create an attractive ecology for flora and fauna, thus increasing the biodiversity and ecological value and enriching the spatial experience.


ASH feels at home in Wassenaar and actively participates in community life. Our recent addition of the Deylerhoeve to our ASH campus footprint has further established us as a community member that values learning from, collaborating with and supporting our neighbors, surrounding community and natural environment. 

Landscape of Deylerhoeve at sunset


At ASH, we collaborate and build robust connections to further strengthen our learning and community bonds. We invite everyone in our community to dream with us about the future #ASHexperience including the Deijlerhoeve campus. Our Dreamer's Log Art Exhibit is a curation of our community's dreams translated into art, currently on display on the Main Campus and which will transform into a permanent exhibit on our new campus.

Early Childhood Center photo summer 2021


We partner with Kraaijvanger Architects and Paul de Ruiter Architects, our partners who also helped us develop the Ter Weer farm into our beautiful Early Childhood Center and who subsequently designed the Voorlinden Museum. Landscape Architect Lodewijk Baljon of Lodewijk Baljon Garden and Landscape Architects is a Wassenaar connoisseur who designed the landscape of the Louwman Museum. His knowledge of the history and geomorphology of this area is a tremendous asset as we look to develop a sustainable vision for the land making this corner of Wassenaar even greener.


The Hague is the world center for Peace and Justice and home to international courts, tribunals and other institutions working to make the world more safe, secure and just for everyone. Our student peace team represents ASH at various public peace and justice events in the area. ASH is also a founding school of The Hague International Model United Nations, the largest Model United Nations Conference globally, attracting student diplomats from around the world, including ASH students.


Our students learn about community issues, and delve into and develop the required skills for how they can help address them within and outside of school. We value our home in Wassenaar and enjoy a collaborative partnership with our many neighbors. Through our community programs we further help weave and tighten our already strong community fabric.

Students gardening at the ECC
Grade 4 choir singing in the theater


At ASH, we welcome our community members and organizations to our facilities for special community theater and choir performances, conferences and large meetings, such as the Wassenaarse onderwijsdag and Wassenaar police training. We also give back through the Wassenaarse Energie project, where we donate to the community some of the energy harvested from our solar panels.


How we engage with our local community 

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