At A Glance

  • Located in Wassenaar, a residential community on the north side of The Hague (Den Haag) in The Netherlands
  • Offers complete Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle and High School programs for ages 3 to 18
  • Over 1,200 students, split between Elementary School, Middle School, and High School
  • Our student body is approximately 26% American and 12% Dutch, with the remaining 62% coming from 74 other nationalities
  • Elementary School classrooms are primarily self-contained, with Music, Art, Dutch, Computer, Library and PE taught by specialists
  • Middle School students study with a grade-level teaching team and also spend a week off-campus within The Netherlands
  • High School offers full college-preparatory programs, including International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificate, and Advanced Placement courses
  • A wide variety of extracurricular activities, including The Hague Model United Nations, and strong visual arts, drama and music programs
  • Graduates accepted at American, European, and home country universities
  • Middle School Athletics includes girls volleyball, boys soccer, swimming, boys and girls basketball, cross country, and track and field
  • High School Athletics includes girls and boys volleyball, girls and boys soccer, swimming, girls and boys basketball, cross country, tennis, baseball, softball, and track and field
  • The 11-acre campus offers wireless internet, three libraries, two cafeterias, high quality facilities for music, theater, and art, three gyms plus a double sports hall and work out gym, and outdoor sports areas for all age groups, including soccer and baseball fields
  • Fully accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Governed by a parent-elected Board of Trustees

Historical Landmarks

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  • The Peace Tree

    Always wondered what that enchanting and intriguing tree sculpture is all about? You know, the one you pass by every day when entering through the main school doors? Then take a few minutes and read on, about how “The Peace Tree” came to ASH.
  • The Dance Of Life

    Read on to enjoy the history of the sculpture in the water outside the mirrored end of the blue wave of the Arts Center. This sculpture is something you pass every day as you leave campus. Never noticed it before? Then next time you walk to the bus stop on the Rijksstraatweg or drive out the exit gate, glance to your right and you will see this lovely art work – the “Dance of Life.”

A Bit Of History About "Tell me, Tell me"

"Tell Me, Tell Me" was written and composed in 1986 by Gary F. Cramer, an ASH teacher and our “Composer in Residence”. When it was first performed (for an Elementary School concert) the Director at the time immediately suggested that the school adopt it as the school song.

"Tell Me, Tell Me" is sung throughout the school and for several key events every year. Its lyrics, melody, contemporary harmonies and, most of all, its message, unite our ASH Community and never fail to inspire both singers and audiences.

Tell Me, Tell Me
Words and Music by Gary F. Cramer
Children from around the world have so much to share,
People in their vast varieties.
We can make a better world by trying first to see
That beautiful things are found in you and me.
Tell me, tell me, where do you come from?
Tell me, tell me, where do I belong?
Together we discover ways to learn and grow.
American School Of The Hague, we’re a part of you.
We can see the Himalayas, the banks along the Nile,
Across the golden fields of Canada.
From Japan to Singapore,
From Sweden’s rocky shores,
Across the outback of Australia.
We can see from coast to coast, across the U.S.A.,
We walk beside the people of Hong Kong.
We share the vision of the faiths of ancient Holy Lands,
A tapestry of rhyme within a song.
From our homelands far away to the kingdom by the sea,
Holland has become our second home.
We are grateful for the chance to see what we can see,
And we shall try to be all we can be.
Tell me, tell me, where do you come from? (Children from around the world.)
Tell me, tell me, where do we belong? (We can make the world our home.)
Together we discover ways to learn and grow.
American School Of The Hague, we’re a part of you.
American School Of The Hague, we’re a part of you.
University preparatory program for ages 3-18. Fully accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

American School of The Hague