Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy

American School of The Hague believes that our American style educational philosophy influences the international school experience of uniquely diverse groups within the school community. Our philosophy is expressed through the following key elements affecting students, parents, and staff:


  • Learning to establish and to accomplish personal goals
  • Facing accountability for commitments and decisions
  • Gaining high self-esteem and positive character traits
  • Exhibiting creative thought and initiative through scholarship
  • Working as an individual while understanding the importance of teamwork
  • Accepting constructive criticism to improve performance
  • Challenging perceptions about self and the world
  • Receiving guidance to strive for personal excellence in areas of individual interest
  • Participating in a wide variety of school-sponsored extracurricular activities 
  • Developing skills to present ideas effectively before an audience of peers and others


  • Communicating about their child’s education in partnership with teachers
  • Witnessing the intellectual, social and emotional growth in each child
  • Having access to transparent grading and academic criteria
  • Guiding their child's educational path and understanding the variety of options available to their child
  • Benefiting from guidance regarding their child’s educational journey
  • Volunteering and participating in various school-based opportunities


  • Embracing a whole child view of learning as a balance of academics, arts, and athletics
  • Using differentiation strategies to maximize each student’s potential
  • Engaging students in multiple and varied ways within the classroom
  • Partnering in productive, mutually respectful relationships with students, colleagues, and parents
  • Setting and communicating clear expectations for students
  • Instilling a love of learning in students through the established curriculum
  • Encouraging and recognizing student achievement
  • Developing positive and open communication with students and parents
  • Pursuing academic expertise through professional development opportunities
  • Using technology to develop curriculum and enhance instruction
  • Working in collaborative teams to plan curriculum, instruction, and assessment

International Mindedness

International mindedness at American School of The Hague is defined by the global awareness and open attitude of the school community. An essential element of international mindedness is accepting and appreciating different cultures, and one’s own. We believe individuals have the potential to make a positive impact on the world around them as exemplified by our core values and expressed through the following:
  • Being open minded
  • Developing linguistic skills
  • Embracing diversity in ourselves and others
  • Cultivating interconnectedness and interdependence
  • Nourishing critical thinking regarding the world and its issues

American School of The Hague Profile of a Graduate/Leaver

American School of The Hague strives to provide its students with an education that emphasizes academic rigor, differentiates instruction for learners’ needs, and extends to extra-curricular activities. It also provides extensive opportunities for each student to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. When a student leaves the American School of The Hague, whether they move on to tertiary education or to another primary/secondary school, we aim to ensure that they are equipped with the following essential skills that are age and developmentally appropriate. Click here to view our Graduate/Leaver Profile statement.
University preparatory program for ages 3-18. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges - Commission on International Education (NEASC-CIE), following the personalized ACE Learning pathway of NEASC-CIE.

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