School Organization

ASH is divided into three schools, Elementary School from Preschool to Grade 4, Middle School from Grade 5 to Grade 8, and High School from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Each of the schools have their own support services, specialist staff, and libraries, but these are also integrated across all schools to ensure the highest possible standards.
We have one primary goal: to ensure that our students make the maximum learning progress during their time at ASH. The expertise of our teachers, and the relationships they have with our students, are key. The School Board, the Leadership Team, and our Support Staff exist to make sure our teachers have the resources they need to work effectively with the students.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of American School of The Hague is responsible for the long-term educational and financial health of the school. The committee is composed of thirteen members who serve three-year terms. When a vacancy arises, the Board asks parents to nominate themselves or others for membership. The Nominating Committee, consisting of two Board members and three parents, interviews all candidates. The prospective candidate then comes before the full committee for an interview. Once a candidate is selected, his or her name is communicated to the parent body. If there are no objections, the nominee can begin his or her term. Objections must take the form of a petition with twenty-five or more signatures, after which an election is held. 
Much of the work of the Board of Trustees is done in our four standing committees. They are the Trustees, Finance and Facilities, Nominating, and Strategic Planning Committee. Members serve three-year terms.

Board of Trustees and Officers

  • Matthew Bott - Chair
  • Marie-Christine Schroeder - Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Bartsch
  • Neal Costello
  • Emir Deldag
  • Bob Drake
  • Sivaram Gollakota
  • Joy Marino
  • Masha Novikova
  • Eric Strom

Interested in Joining our Meetings?

Interest in joining the Board of Trustees is usually high among parents. The outstanding level of educational and professional achievement among ASH parents ensures that our Board includes members from the business, scientific, engineering, and educational fields. Further, a cross-section of nationalities ensures that the diverse population of our school is well represented, with a minimum of four members being American.

The Board holds open meetings several times per year, in the High School Room 1.45/1.46 at 19:00. All members of the American School community are invited to attend. Open Session Board minutes and agendas are posted on the Board link of the ASH website. The Board also posts notices in the weekly school newsletter, the Flash.

List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Bartsch

    Jennifer Bartsch 

  • Photo of Matthew Bott

    Matthew Bott 

  • Photo of Neal Costello

    Neal Costello 

  • Photo of Emir Deldag

    Emir Deldag 

  • Photo of Bob Drake

    Bob Drake 

  • Photo of Sivaram Gollakota

    Sivaram Gollakota 

  • Photo of Joy Marino

    Joy Marino 

  • Photo of Masha Novikova

    Masha Novikova 

  • Photo of Marie-Christine Schroeder-van Waes

    Marie-Christine Schroeder-van Waes 

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