Rijksstraatweg 200 2241 BX Wassenaar The Netherlands Tel.+31 (0) 70 512 10 60 Fax+31 (0) 70 511 24 00
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Directions to drive from The Hague

From the center of The Hague take the Benoordehoutseweg, direction Leiden-Amsterdam. This is the A44 (or N44) direction WASSENAAR (and Leiden).


Stay on this road through several sets of traffic lights until you pass a "Shell" Gas Station. At the TRAFFIC LIGHT* just after the "Shell" Gas Station turn LEFT and immediately RIGHT. You will be on a side road driving along the freeway. Past the long blue wall is our parking lot (second driveway). Visitor parking is located immediately to your left once entering the school driveway.


Please enter the school through the yellow doors. The receptionist will direct you once you have arrived.


Have a safe trip.


*If you miss this stoplight, you will have entered onto a freeway. Take the first exit and turn left at the stop sign. This will take you under the freeway and you will be on our street, the Rijksstraatweg. Just follow this road until you come to our parking lot, which will now be on your right (and the freeway on your left). Do not get back on the freeway.