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A Safe Harbour

A Safe Harbour: Supporting Students, Parents, and Staff
The mission of A Safe Harbour is to help students, parents, and staff cope with the challenges, and maximize the opportunities, inherent in the experience of international relocation and cross-cultural mobility.
What is A Safe Harbour?
Every fall, and periodically throughout the year, ASH welcomes new students, families and teachers into our international community and School. At the same time our current community "refreshes" for the new school year; students are faced with different classes, making new friends, learning new routines. In face of all this "newness" it is easy to get caught in the culture shock of adapting to a new situation and "being new" in general.* Students, parents and teachers alike can feel disorientated and lonely, experience grieving for those they left behind or have moved away, or face cross cultural confusion, misunderstandings or conflicts within their new learning situations and living environments.
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Expat Resources
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living outside their passport countries (Third Culture Kids) successfully manage their
transition to university whether they are returning to their home country or going on to
another host country.

The global leader in cross-cultural education and training to support the entire expat
family. Annual conference held in the spring.

Online tools and webinars that help expats take care of all the details of an
international move. The site brings the best wisdom in the field and walks adults
through thinking through finance, education, insurance, etc during your career abroad.

An online magazine and community dedicated to people who grew up in multiple
countries, international school alumni, or Third Culture Kids.

Mentoring for teens and emerging adults. Sea Change helps young people apply the
skills and insights from their international background to their personal, academic and
professional goals. Additionally, Sea Change helps young people strengthen coping
skills and develop support networks to prepare them for any challenges they may face
during upcoming transitions.

TCKid "A Home for Third Culture Kids" is a non-profit community dedicated to connecting third culture kids. Share stories. Make Friends. TCKids helps students connect with over 50 local groups world wide.