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College Counseling

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University & College Counseling at ASH
Your university years are a time when you will do a great deal of growing, learning, and exploring. You will meet with success and disappointment. You hopefully take risks and find direction for your future. Sounds important? It is! And it all starts now with your university search, or your search for other options after high school. The search is long, involved, time-consuming, and requires great effort on your part. But the results and rewards will affect the rest of your life. Approach the selection process as your first university course.**
Deciding where you want to go and what you want to do when you leave school is is challenging enough in a home country situation. For our students, with a myriad of experiences, countries, and cultures to build on, the choices can be even more confusing. Students from ASH go on to study at colleges and universities all over the world. From the time students come into the High School, we guide and advise on course selection, and in the final years, provide support for the college and university application process.
     ** from the Preface of Steps Along Your Path: A College and University Planning Guidebook by Peter Loy
Key Information
College Counseling Office
Tel.  +31 (0)70 512 1060
           (Ext 244/246)
Fax  +31 (0)70 511 2400

(for ACT/SAT) 759400

SAT Test Center Code  58835

ACT Test Center Code 867240

International Baccalaureate School Number 000768

Transcripts Please send your request for transcripts to the High School Counseling Office at hscounseling@ash.nl.
UCAS School Number   47310
Key Contacts
Jennifer Bieck
HS Counselor

Elizabeth Bohr
HS Counselor

Victor Ferreira
HS IB/AP Coordinator

Rachel Humphrey
HS IB/AP Assistant

Gera Klijnsma
HS Counselor

Peter Loy
HS Counselor

Gus Marantos
HS Registrar
High School Profile
High School Profile 2016 - 2017
Information on the ASH HS program, test results, HS offerings and university acceptances.