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Life at ASH

Alumni Association

Welcome to the ASH Alumni Association
Whether you are an ASH graduate, former student, faculty member, family or friend, we welcome you to the ASH Alumni Association. We value every person who has shared in our school and community life, and want to continue that feeling of family once you have moved on to your next adventure.
To help you connect to your friends, colleagues and teachers, keep us up to date with your happenings by emailing our Alumni Association. We have over 8,000 Alumni members on record.
We hope you will visit us when you have the chance, to see what’s happening at the school you once called home. We ask you to please make an appointment with us before hand, so we can make sure we have time to reconnect you with former teachers and classmates.

Be sure it stay in touch with us and get involved in this great part of the ASH community. You may have graduated long ago, but you are never, ever forgotten.
Visiting ASH
When visiting American School of The Hague, we ask that you kindly inform us in advance. All visitors need to be accompanied when on the campus, and you will need to sign in/out when entering/exiting the building.
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The Alumni Association is coordinated through the External Relations Office:
Lesley Murphy
External Relations Director

Erin Findlay
Communications Officer
Request for Transcripts
Former ASH High School students may fill out the following form to request a High School Transcript.