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Life at ASH

Parent Teacher Organization

Welcome to the ASH Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a group of parents and teachers that work together to aid and support existing school projects, as well as to provide new resources where they don't already exist. Our efforts are intended to improve and/or enhance the school experience for our children.  Every parent within the school is automatically a member of the PTO.

Please make use of our services, and if you would like to become more involved, consider joining one of the organizing committees. Some of the PTO functions provide direct benefits to the children and some provide indirect benefits. Some are fundraisers, most are not. Volunteering at ASH through the PTO is a long-standing tradition.
PTO Programs
Adult Education
The Adult Education Program at ASH offers a wide variety of classes dealing with subjects such as foreign languages, computers, cooking, arts and health, and living in Holland. See Adult Education for more information.

Art Masterpiece
The Art Masterpiece Program is a way to bring works of art that cannot leave museums or public sites into the classroom. The program uses reproduction sets featuring works of art chosen around a theme of particular interest to children in the Elementary School.
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Book Fairs

New: Two New Book Fairs are held each year, providing the opportunity to purchase books in English for children of all ages. Come early for the best selection ... or volunteer to help!

Used: used books donated by the ASH community are sold in a spring used book fair. For the best selection volunteer to help the committee collect, sorts and price the books! This is a great way to share and recycle our reading material while raising funds to support other PTO activities.

Costume Creation

This dynamic and hardworking group organizes, designs and sews costumes for the Middle School and High School musicals and plays. They also help with hair, makeup and backstage during the performances. Anyone who has seen an ASH performance cannot fail to be impressed!

Friends of the Arts
Works with the Arts Department to support students and staff during theater and musical productions and events.  After concert receptions, floral gifts, student recognition activities (locker banners), and extra helping hands all fall under the Friends of the Arts umbrella.

Halloween Celebration
Organizes neighborhoods to participate in Halloween.

International Committee

International Day: A school wide celebration of all of the nationalities making up our ASH community. Originally organised for the Elementary, this event has grown to include Middle and High School.


International Parent Ambassadors: Each year parents volunteer to be the contact point for new and prospective parents from their home country. Feel free to contact your international representative with any questions or to arrange to have them meet you at ASH.

Monday Morning Networking (MNN)
Weekly get together covering all the practical information that you need to be happy here. Topics include the medical establishment, the butcher, the cheese shop and Sinter Klaas to name a few.
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Online Store
The ASH Online Store offers a variety of clothing and sportswear items for sale, to help you showcase your school spirit.

PTO School Coordinators
These volunteers liaise between each of the school divisions and the parents, to support school activities.
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Staff Appreciation
Organizes small events throughout the year to say "thank-you" to our teachers & support staff. Provides a Thanks and Farwell reception for students and parents to say "goodbye" to retiring and leaving teachers at the end of the school year.

Welcoming Committee
An integral part of the Safe Harbour program, Welcomers greet new families, help with the transition and host Welcoming Coffees throughout the year.

This is an ASH community "flea market" held near the end of each school year.
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