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Life at ASH


Communicating well is important to us. We use various publications and means of communication throughout the school. Increasingly we are relying on web-based communication and email.
School Website (including InsideASH)
The ASH website provides information for prospective and current parents and covers everything from the structure of the school to annual events, from curriculum to sports. InsideASH is the private part of our website, containing the latest community announcements, news, calendar, sports team information, the directory and more. Parents, students, faculty and staff access InsideASH by logging in with personal usernames and passwords.
The weekly newsletter is called The FLASH and is emailed to parents' designated e-mail addresses. In The FLASH you will find information for the coming one to two weeks, concerning all three school divisions as well as general ASH information, such as dates for sports tryouts, meetings, coffees and some community news. You also can access The FLASH online on InsideASH.
The ASH Bulletin, compiled by the External Relations Department, is produced 4 times per school year. The ASH Bulletin features articles from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, PTO President, the Director, the three Principals, Counselors, Deans and other staff members. The ASH Bulletin is distributed electronically to parent's designated email addresses and is available on the ASH website.
Athletics Booster Club Newsletter
The Athletics Booster Club is a group which promotes, through its webpage and newsletter, activities that support all ASH athletic programs, increases awareness of athletic events involving ASH athletes and provides support for our guest athletes and their host families. The Newsletter also has information about upcoming APAG meetings, sports tryouts, and general sports news.

Electronic Bulletin Board
ASH posts up-to-the-minute events of the day on an electronic bulletin board in the main foyer. The bulletin board is organized chronologically, like a daily agenda, listing activities and their locations. The Elementary School also posts specific information on the screen near the Elementary School entrance.
Online Directory
The online directory is available on InsideASH and contains names, telephone numbers, email addresses and street addresses of ASH families. Details for staff contacts and job descriptions are also included.
Daily Bulletins
In Middle School and High School, daily announcements are distributed to each teacher and read out to students. The Daily Bulletins are also posted on bulletin boards, and on InsideASH.
An annual Yearbook is produced for each school division, and these provide a wonderful memento and record of your years at ASH. The High School yearbook is produced by the students of the Yearbook class, an elective course which interested students can sign up for.