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As you apply to ASH you will have many questions. We are here to help you get all the information you need! Below are some of the common questions prospective parents and students ask us.
Q. Is ASH accredited?

Q. Is the student body mainly American?

Q. What are your tuition fees?

Q. My children do not speak English.  Are they eligible to apply?

Q. What are the school hours?

Q. What is your school year?

Q. Do you have after school care?

Q. Are the students required to wear uniforms?

Q. Can the students purchase a hot lunch?

Q. Where do most of your students live?

Q. Do you have a transportation program?

Q. What foreign languages do you offer?

Q. Is it possible to talk to parent from my home country, to help me understand ASH and life in the Netherlands from my cultural point of view?

Q. Do you have a scheduled Open Day when I can visit the school?

Q. How early should I apply?

Q. How easy is it to integrate into the student body?