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How do students get to school?
One of the first questions parents have is how students get to school, since it influences the choice of housing. Many families live in host-community Wassenaar or nearby Voorschoten or Leiden. Others choose to live in The Hague and its surrounding communities, or even as far away as Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The school bus service covers many of the surrounding areas, though for Rotterdam and Amsterdam you may have to commute by car or by train.
By Bicycle, Brommer (moped or scooter) or Walking
Many children cycle to school. The Netherlands is very well equipped for cyclists, with excellent cycle paths, bike traffic lights, and signs especially for cyclists. 90% of Dutch schoolchildren cycle to school. Our Bike Traffic Safety Guidelines provide useful advice for cyclists. Many families live close enough to the school to walk.

By Private School Bus
A privately contracted bus service is available to students. The bus routes cover a wide area between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Parents interested in the school bus service may want to check with the Transportation Office in advance of selecting a house to confirm that school bus service is available in that area.
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By Public Transportation
Some students choose to travel by public bus. Bus services are reliable and frequent. Students who stay later at school for sports or after school activities may choose to ride the school bus in the morning, but then use public transportation in the afternoon.
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By Car

Some parents bring their children to school by car.

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ASH Bus Service
  • Area A - € 2,485
Within Wassenaar - large busses will pick up at designated bus stops.
  • Area B - € 3,090
In Delft, Den Haag, Katwijk, Leiden, Leidschendam, Noordwijk, Nootdorp, Oegstgeest, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Voorschoten, Zoetermeer and immediate vicinities - small busses will pick up as close to the house as possible.
  • Area C - Fee on request
All areas outside of Area A & B
  • Early Childhood Center (ECC) Bus Service - € 3,445
In Areas A & B, small vans will pick up Preschool, Transition Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students only, as close to the house as possible.
  • Winter program € 1,625 – Area A only
It is possible to apply for school bussing for the Winter period only, from Monday, October 24th through Friday, March 24th.
Upon request, the Transportation Department (transportation@ash.nl) may be able to organize ad-hoc routes, the full cost of which will be the responsibility of the parents.

Click on the link to go to the Bus Application Form.
School Bus Application
School Bus Application