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About ASH

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

American School of The Hague nurtures and inspires character, commitment, creativity, and learning.

Our Vision

American School of The Hague will lead its international learning community through excellent teachers and a range of academic and extra-curricular choices. In a safe and welcoming environment, our educationally and culturally diverse students and staff will strive for excellence and achieve their potential.
Our Core Values

Research shows that when any community shares common values and has common goals, the likelihood of conflict is greatly reduced. Joining our learning community means accepting and celebrating these core values, which are:

• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• Practice courtesy in speech and manners
• Act with kindness toward others
• Take care of our environment
• Promote a safe and productive atmosphere

• Accept the consequences of your choices
• Pursue your own learning and help others do the same
• Make wise choices about personal health and safety
• Participate in building a strong ASH community
• Admit mistakes and learn from them

• Tell the truth
• Keep your word
• Respect each others’ property
• Follow through on commitments
• Demonstrate the courage to be yourself

• Value others
• Celebrate diversity
• Understand differing beliefs and behaviors
• Reject actions that hurt or offend others
• Practice forgiveness

• Use appropriate language
• Provide and seek information
• Present your convictions considerately
• Listen with an open mind
• Resolve conflict peacefully