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Middle School Athletics at ASH offers younger student athletes an inclusive and enriching program which allows them to grow and develop as individuals as well as athletes. As well as improving their athletic skills, students develop the life skills of self-discipline, teamwork, goal-setting, and sportsmanship. Those who travel away to games, all over Europe, also learn responsibility, independence, and how to be a great host and a gracious guest. Participating in athletics is a wonderful way for students to participate, make friends, and broaden their horizons.
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ASH Cross Country Running 2016
by Patrick Vlasseman
Physical Education Teacher

by Bob Rijpstra
Athletics Director

Recent Games
Thursday, February 23, 2017
Girls Varsity Basketball
6:00 PM  @ Sports - 1/2 Sporthall - 3
6:00 PM 
Girls Varsity Basketball VS Grasshoppers Katwijk
Girls Under 14 Basketball
5:15 PM  @ Sporthal Cleijn en Duin Katwijk (Grasshoppers)
5:15 PM 
Girls Under 14 Basketball VS Grasshoppers Katwijk
Girls Under 12 Basketball
4:00 PM  @ Sporthal Cleijn en Duin Katwijk (Grasshoppers)
4:00 PM 
Girls Under 12 Basketball VS Grasshoppers Katwijk
Saturday, February 18, 2017
Boys Varsity Basketball
10:30 AM  @ Sports - 1/2 Sporthall - 3
10:30 AM 
Boys Varsity Basketball VS Dusseldorf (ISD)
Girls JV Basketball
10:30 AM  @ Sports - Sporthall - 1
10:30 AM 
Girls JV Basketball VS Dusseldorf (ISD)
Boys JV Basketball
9:00 AM  @ Sports - Sporthall - 1
9:00 AM 
Boys JV Basketball VS Dusseldorf (ISD)
Girls Varsity Basketball
9:00 AM  @ Sports - Sporthall - 1
9:00 AM 
Girls Varsity Basketball VS Dusseldorf (ISD)
Streaming Events
No games are being streamed at this moment
All ASH games will be live streamed!!!
Come out and support ASH athletes this weekend - ASH versus Dusseldorf. Sign up for one shift, or offer to bring fruit/baked goods. We appreciate your help! Go Trojans!!
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Bob Rijpstra
Athletics Director

Rob Boersma
Athletics Assistant