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Leaving is part of life at an international school.

We understand how stressful this can be, and support you as you say goodbye to this stage of your life and move on to the next. We believe that the key to a good arrival is a good departure, no matter where you go in the world. “You can’t say a clear hello until you’ve said a clear goodbye” (David Pollock).

If you think you might be moving, feel free to come and talk to us. We understand that plans change frequently and a statement of "We may be leaving" is different than "We will be leaving."  To assist us with our forward planning, each year we ask all families to provide us with their intent to return or depart.

To formally start the leaving process, you must complete the online withdrawal form.  This important document initiates the release of school records [in the Middle and High School] and notifies the Business Office to withhold invoicing for the following school year. For Elementary School, you will need to complete the Authorization for Transfer of Student Records form to arrange collection/posting of school records, yearbooks, etc.

We would also recommend that, should you use the cashless system in the school cafeteria, to send an email to Swipe-n-Pay in order to cancel your account and receive a refund, if applicable. 

For more information regarding leaving, please be sure to check the ASH Parent Checkout List.
So, how do we support families who are leaving?
  • Gathering of necessary school records and documents for your receiving school
  • Checklist for Departure
  • "Moving On" workshop for graduating seniors and their families
  • Lecture: “Surviving the Spring Exodus” 
  • End of Year Sale
  • ASH “Buy-Sell” Website
  • “Goodbye Homerooms” in all schools
  • Autograph “Leaving boards” 
  • Autographed wooden clog, signed by friends and teachers
  • Memory books for elementary students
  • End of year lesson about endings, saying good-bye, and expressing appreciation, for grades K-4
  • "Moving On" workshop for graduating seniors and their families 
  • Transition Counseling
  • Welcome into Alumni Association to connect graduates with Alumni
  • Farewell Parties
  • Farewell boxes with letters from colleagues and students
  • Autographed wooden clogs
  • Education and training: Staff Leave Taking
  • Teacher Assistants autograph board
  • Thanks and Farewell Reception for Retiring and Departing Staff
  • Leaving Staff End of Year Barbeque
Withdrawal Form
ASH Parent Checkout List
What to do when you are leaving
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Graduate/Leaver Profile
Returning to the Houston area?
This is a community of parents who's children attended the American School of The Hague. The aim of this group is to provide former members of the ASH community a way to keep in touch with one another.
Useful Links
Instructions on how to deregister when you leave Den Haag

Instructions on how to deregister when you leave Wassenaar