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Rijksstraatweg 200 2241 BX Wassenaar The Netherlands Tel.+31 (0) 70 512 10 60 Fax+31 (0) 70 511 24 00
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Who We Are
Our Mission: The mission of the High School Student Ambassador Program is to guide new students and families transition into our "A Safe Harbor" (from "hallo" to "tot ziens”) through ASH’s core values -- communication, empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity.

Our Vision: We envision both parents and students, new and veteran, coming together from different nationalities, different beliefs, and different backgrounds, acknowledging values and principles, working collaboratively to build a supportive community, not only within ASH, but also within Dutch culture.

Our Goals:
  • To form a well-rounded team of Ambassadors
  • To hold a informative, useful, and fun Orientation Week
  • To pair each new student with a compatible ambassador
  • To see that each student finds a form of integration
  • To provide mid-year students with extra care
  • To acknowledge leavers
  • To guide the rising Freshman class up through a "Step-Up" day
  • To represent the American School of the Hague as a unique, hospitable community and uphold its core values: communication, empathy, responsibility, integrity, and respect.
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A Safe Harbour Celebration
Members from A Safe Harbour Steering Committee came together to celebrate a successful start of the year.

Staff Farewell Ceremony 2012-2013
Every year, American School of The Hague sees a few of its fine educators and administrators embark upon new ventures as they further their careers and take on new life adventures.
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