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How to Apply

Applying to a new school can be a daunting process, especially in the midst of a move. We have attempted to make the application process as straightforward as possible, but if you have any questions along the way, please know that we are here to help and support you through the process.

There are slightly different procedures depending on which level your child is entering.
Click on one of the pictures below to read more about applying to that level.

Which grade should my child enter?
The grade which your child will enter is determined by their age on October 1st. For example, a child who is 4 on October 1 will be considered for entry into Transition Kindergarten.

Entry Age School Year
Elementary School 3 Preschool
4 Transition Kindergarten
5 Kindergarten
6 1st Grade
7 2nd Grade
8 3rd Grade
4th Grade

Middle School


5th Grade
11 6th Grade
12 7th Grade
8th Grade

High School


9th Grade
15 10th Grade
16 11th Grade
17 12th Grade

If you are moving from a different school system you will find this Comparison of School Level Equivalents chart helpful. 

How does this compare with other school systems?
School Year Equivalents
This helpful chart shows the school year equivalents for school systems of the United States, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and France.
General Statement of Admission
Our Admissions and Waitlist Policy