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High School

Support Services

Inclusion at ASH
It is a shared school belief that students from our international and mobile community deserve high quality education. Embracing each student’s differences and unique abilities adds to the rich diversity of our school community and establishes a culture of mutual benefit, where students learn from and care for one another. We believe that inclusion is the careful and intentional union of quality education, equity, and resources.
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Learning Support
Learning Support is for students in grades 1–12 with identified learning disabilities or demonstrated learning difficulties. Learning Support provides remediation and academic support within the grade level curriculum; with a focus on supporting students in their areas of learning challenge while capitalizing on their strengths in order to bypass educational barriers.
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Therapy and Evaluations
Guidelines for Psycho-Educational Evaluation
Will the results of this evaluation inform our teaching and thus improve the student’s learning opportunities?” This is a critical question our Student Support Teams (SSTs) ask and answer prior to recommending a student undergo a psycho-educational evaluation.
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Special Education
Our High School Special Education Program is classified as a self-contained classroom, with a large emphasis on inclusion in the High School. Leading this class is a certified special education teacher, whose expertise in educating students with intellectual disabilities will ensure that your child is provided with the opportunity to reach his or her potential at American School of The Hague. The teacher will develop and guide student programs, modify the curriculum to make it accessible to your child, and ensure that students have the support needed for gaining greater independence and functional academic skills. In a small classroom environment students will receive both individualized support as well as the maximum opportunities to be integrated into mainstream classes.
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Gifted and Talented Program Description
The Gifted Talented program at ASH aims to identify and support students with a demonstrated ‘gifted’ learning profile. We believe students identified as gifted have unique and challenging needs that are not easily met through differentiated instruction in the classroom and require a modified curriculum tailored to their individual academic abilities.
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