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Child Protection
Welcome to our information page on Child Protection at American School of The Hague. As parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends of young people, we all agree without a doubt that the protection of children in our care is of utmost importance. We aim to use this information page as a location to share information with our staff, parents and the wider ASH community regarding the health and well-being of our students, your children. We have posted a number of articles from the Director and also from our School Counselors providing information on our current practise, developments we have recently made with regard to child protection, our relationship with the local Wassenaar authorities and schools and a website for the international reporting of incidents relating to infringements on child safety. 

We hope you find this informative and useful and should you have any queries or additional information that you think may be of benefit to the entire community, please feel free to share that with us through our External Relations Department
Reporting Suspected Child Exploitation
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Child Protection Update
- Rick Spradling, School Director

Child Protection
- Zam Simpkins, Early Childhood Center Counselor and Ann Wiederhold, Upper Elementary School Counselor Grades 2-4 & Middle School Counselor Grade 5

Child Protection at ASH - A Year End Update
- Rick Spradling, School Director

Child Protection Update
- Rick Spradling, School Director

Child Protection Update and Wassenaar School Safety Covenant
- Rick Spradling, School Director

Child Protection and Well-Being at ASH
- Rick Spradling, School Director

Reviewing School Health and Safety
- Rick Spradling, School Director
Council of International Schools Update
December 2015, the Council of International Schools issues a newsbrief containing the attached update on Child Protection. We hope you find this useful.