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High School


IT Acceptable Use Policy

High School Students: Please read our IT Acceptable Use Policy and submit the form at the bottom of this page to indicate your agreement.
Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
ASH Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The American School of the Hague provides all HS students with access to technology by providing laptops, internet and their own accounts for our systems and services, like Google Apps for Education (GAfE), Course Management System (Moodle), grading (PowerSchool), website communications (InsideASH), course planning (Naviance) and a host of other services to support learning. Students use these IT resources and others for classwork, research, preparation of assignments, communication and development of their own technology skills.

Care must be taken to ensure the resources are protected from harm and that students are not exposed to offensive or illegal materials. Students and parents should carefully read the conditions stated below. To have access to the schools' IT resources, students must, each year, agree to abide by this ASH IT Acceptable Use Policy. It is the joint responsibility of staff and the parent or guardian of each student to educate the student about their responsibilities and to establish ethical expectations when using technology.
Acceptable uses of technology are activities that support teaching and learning. As a user of technology at ASH I will:

1) RESPECT and PROTECT The Privacy of Self and Others. I will:
a) Keep my password and login name private for all my accounts and make sure my profile is protected.
b) Only use my own accounts, and not log in as someone else and keep my files private.
c) Not include my full name, address, phone number, school name or anyone else’s personal information, if I publish information or images online.
d) Consider carefully whom I allow to be my friends online.
e) Acknowledge that all contributions to the Internet leave a digital foot print and are public and permanent.
2) RESPECT and PROTECT All Electronic resources like they were my own.  I will:
a) Be a responsible user and understand that access is a privilege, not a right.
b) Use laptops / tablet devices carefully:
i)  won't use around food or drink
ii)  won’t walk with the laptop open
iii) be careful where I place the laptop
iv) won’t use the laptop in the cafeteria during break and lunch.
v)  will leave protective shells on any resource that I have been given to use.
3) RESPECT and PROTECT The Intellectual property of others. I will:
a) Cite sources used including: information, music, videos and images.
b) Not plagiarize.
c) Use only the software programs provided and installed by ASH.
4) RESPECT and PROTECT The Principles of community. I will:
a) Use polite language when communicating in any format in school as well as outside.
b) Never use any form of electronic communication to harass, frighten, intimidate or bully.
c) Use the computer and the Internet for schoolwork only during class time.
d) Not download or stream music, movies, or games for personal use during school hours.
e) Use only the programs and websites that my teacher has suggested or approved.
f)  Print with permission and not waste resources.
g) Use social networking or gaming at school for school purposes and under teacher supervision.
h) Use my ASH email account responsibly and I will check my ASH email daily.
The use of computers and other technology tools is a privilege that comes with special responsibilities.
Student's Agreement
I have read this list of guidelines. When I use the computers/devices and the Internet at school, I promise to follow these guidelines at all times. I understand that I might not be allowed to use the computer if I do not follow these guidelines.

In order to register your acceptance of this AUP you will need to be logged on to the Google Apps for Education ASH domain. When you click on the link below you may be directed first to the log-on section of Google Apps. Please use your ---@ash.nl account and password. 

CLICK ON THIS LINK, ASH HS Acceptable Use Agreement (AUP), to sign this AUP for 2016 - 2017 school year.